Anti-Theft Backpack

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Are you concerned about pick-pocketing?

Every day hundreds of thousands of pickpocketing incidents occur worldwide. Discover how our Anti-Theft Backpack will keep your belongings safe all the time!

    Our backpack's hidden zipper closures will make it impossible for any potential thief to steal from you! This comes in extremely handy if you're an adventurous traveller or someone who commutes daily to work.

    In addition to the hidden zippers, the backpack also features

    • cut-proof material
    • shockproof material
    • secret pockets
    • Integrated USB charging port
    • Illuminating safety strips
    • Water repellent fabric

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    We've made sure this backpack could fit everything and anything you might need using its advanced storage design. This includes a camera pocket, laptop and tablet compartments, a phone pocket, as well as an integrated USB port to charge your phone on-the-go.