Beard Bib

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Hate cleaning up after shaving?

Discover how our Beard Bib will save you so much time not having to clean up after shaving. We know that trimming your beard can get messy at times. With this Beard Bib, the only hair you need to worry about is the hair on your face. 

Right now we have a MASSIVE 50% off sale and they are selling out so hurry and get yours now.

Imagine being able to groom your beard while keeping your sink as pristine as possible! This is something you need and we have it on sale right now with our limited offer. Don't wait until the price goes back up.. Get it Now!

The sale could end at any time so make sure you get yours now before it's too late!

☑️TIME-SAVING - No need to waste time cleaning up. This Beard Bib catches all your hair for quick disposal. NO MESS. NO CLOGGED DRAINS. NO CLEANUP. 

☑️TRAVEL - Our sleek design allows you to take your Beard Bib anywhere on-the-go so you can keep that beard looking sharp no matter where you are.

☑️EASY TO USE - Secure the straps to your neck and attach the suction cups to the mirror. Proceed with grooming and once you are done, simply undo the suction cups and lower the Beard Bib into a trash can. Easy as that!

☑️COLOR VARIETY - Charcoal Black, Just White, Banana Yellow, Slightly Pink and Ocean Blue

☑️THE PERFECT GIFT - How many times have you walked into a bathroom with hairs all over the sink? Not a nice scene. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones for any occasion!